Calorie Burn Calculator, Calories Burned During Exercise and other Activities

In the calorie burn calculator below, you will find many different activities that burn calories. In fact there are more than a hundred activities that can help you to burn calories. Whether you are out fishing, cleaning the house or even mowing the lawn, you will be burning calories.
So select your activity, the duration in minutes and your weight in kilograms or pounds, hit the calculate button, and the number of calories burned will appear. Please note that this won’t be exact and should be treated as a guide.
Unfortunately if your weight is in the "normal" BMI range, you’ll find that you will burn less calories than someone in the "overweight" range so consider spending a bit more time on those activities to keep burning calories. If you can fit in a number of activities, who needs the gym.
Remember to use our Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator to find out where you are in the BMI range.

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Calorie Burn Calculator, How Many Calories Burned During Exercise and Activities

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