Calories in Cheese, Eggs and Other Dairy Products

See the comparison chart below for the number of calories in cheese, eggs and other dairy products. Cheese calories vary depending on the cheese types. The list of cheeses and other dairy products shows the calories per 100 grams (3.5 oz). Click on the link below for more information about the calories per typical serving size, of the products.

Dairy products are typically high in fat. Whilst children generally benefit from a reasonable consumption of full-fat dairy to get enough calcium to build strong bones, for the rest of us, full-fat dairy normally means weight-gain. If you are on a weight loss diet, avoid full-fat dairy. Some would say avoid cheese and cream altogether, as the calories in cheese and cream are high. Seek out low fat varieties, and eat in moderation, preferably with additional exercise.

Calories in Cheese

American Cheese Calories
Calories in American Cheese
331 kcal
180 kcal low fat
148 kcal fat free
Blue Cheese Calories
Calories in Blue Cheese

353 kcal
Brick Cheese Calories
Calories in Brick Cheese

371 kcal
Calories in Brie
Calories in Brie

334 kcal
Calories in Butter
Calories in Butter

717 kcal
Calories in Camembert Cheese
Calories in Camembert Cheese

300 kcal
Calories in Cheddar Cheese
Calories in Cheddar Cheese
403 kcal
173 kcal low fat
Calories in Cheshire Cheese
Calories in Cheshire Cheese

387 kcal
Calories in Colby Cheese
Calories in Colby Cheese

394 kcal
Calories in Cottage Cheese
Calories in Cottage Cheese
98 kcal
72 kcal low fat
Cream Cheese Calories
Calories in Cream Cheese
342 kcal
201 kcal low fat
105 kcal fat free
Edam Cheese Calories
Calories in Edam Cheese

357 kcal
Feta Cheese Calories
Calories in Feta Cheese

264 kcal
Fontina Cheese Calories
Calories in Fontina Cheese

389 kcal
Gjetost Cheese Calories
Calories in Gjetost Cheese

466 kcal
Goat's Cheese Calories
Calories in Goat Cheese
452 kcal hard
364 kcal semisoft
268 kcal soft
Gouda Cheese Calories
Calories in Gouda Cheese

356 kcal
Gruyere Cheese Calories
Calories in Gruyere Cheese

413 kcal
Limburger Cheese Calories
Calories in Limburger Cheese

327 kcal
Monterey Jack Cheese Calories
Calories in Monterey Jack Cheese

373 kcal
310 kcal low fat
Mozzarella Cheese Calories
Calories in Mozzarella
300 kcal
254 kcal low fat
149 kcal fat free
Muenster Cheese Calories
Calories in Muenster Cheese
368 kcal
271 kcal low fat
Neufchatel Cheese Calories
Calories in Neufchatel Cheese

253 kcal
Parmesan Cheese Calories
Calories in Parmesan Cheese

392 kcal
Port Salut Calories
Calories in Port Salut Cheese

352 kcal
Provolone Cheese Calories
Calories in Provolone Cheese
351 kcal
274 kcal reduced fat
Ricotta Cheese Calories
Calories in Ricotta Cheese
174 kcal
138 kcal reduced fat
Romano Cheese Calories
Calories in Romano Cheese

387 kcal
Roquefort Cheese Calories
Calories in Roquefort Cheese

369 kcal
Swiss Cheese Calories
Calories in Swiss Cheese
388 kcal
179 kcal low fat
Tilsit Cheese Calories
Calories in Tilsit Cheese

340 kcal

Calories in Milk, Eggs and Other Dairy Products

Calories in Cream
Calories in Cream
130 kcal Half and Half
59 kcal Half and Half, fat free
195 kcal coffee cream
292 kcal light whipping
345 kcal heavy whipping
257 kcal whipped cream
Calories in Sour Cream
Calories in Sour Cream
193 kcal cultured
135 kcal reduced fat, cultured
138 kcal light
181 kcal reduced fat
74 kcal fat free
Egg Calories
Calories in Eggs
155 kcal hard boiled
142 kcal poched
167 kcal scrambled
Ice Cream Calories
Calories in Ice Cream
249 kcal vanila, rich
216 kcal chocolate
192 kcal strawberry
Chocolate Ice Cream Calories
Calories in Chocolate Ice Cream
216 kcal
187 kcal light
255 kcal rich
Strawberry Ice Cream Calories
Calories in Strawberry Ice Cream

192 kcal
Vanilla Ice Cream Calories
Calories in Vanilla Ice Cream
207 kcal
180 kcal light
249 kcal rich
Milk Calories
Calories in Milk
35 kcal non fat
42 kcal low fat, 1%fat
56 kcal reduced fat, 2%fat
60 kcal whole, 3.25%fat
Goat's Milk Calories
Calories in Goat Milk

69 kcal
Sheep's Milk Calories
Calories in Sheep's Milk

108 kcal
Yogurt Calories
Calories in Yogurt, Plain
61 kcal
56 kcal low fat
Frozen Yogurt Calories
Frozen Yogurt Calories
127 kcal chocolate
107 kcal chocolate non fat
160 kcal chocolate, soft-serve
127 kcal other flavors

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