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The vegetable soup diet has many advantages: it’s tasty, nutritional, low in calories and can help you to lose weight fast. This fast weight loss soup diet forms the core of many different diets, you can even create your own soup diet selecting low calorie vegetables according to your personal taste. Many weight loss soup plans were developed to help people shed pounds quickly.

The cabbage soup diet is the most famous of all the vegetable soup weight loss diets. Since a copy of cabbage soup diet first appeared in the 1980s, several similar plans have developed including the vegetable chicken soup diet, and the cabbage and chicken soup diet.

How Soup Can Help You to Lose Weight?

Vegetable Soup Diet

Research has proven that people who eat soup feel satisfied for longer and are less likely to snack in the afternoon than people who eat chicken and vegetables plus a glass of water for lunch. Let’s see how blending food into soup can make such a difference. In 1999, scientists discovered a hormone called “ghrelin” which is produced by stomach walls whenever the stomach is empty. Also, ghrelin is a fat storage hormone. Ghrelin is delivered via the blood stream to the brain's appetite centre, an organ called the hypothalamus. As a result, you feel hungry and need to find food.

The stomach empties more slowly when you have soup, unlike a solid meal with a drink of water.

Generally, people who have soup feel full for up to 1.5 hours longer than solid food eaters.

A Research Centre in the US is currently developing a vaccine to offset the power of ghrelin, so that it lowers appetite. It is currently undergoing clinical trials, but frankly, if you can control your diet, who needs something as extreme as a vaccine.

In 2006, scientists at the Scripps Research Centre in the US developed a vaccine to counteract the influence of ghrelin, in an attempt to control appetite. It is still undergoing clinical trials. So at the moment, the best and simplest way to keep hunger at bay is to reduce your stomach's release of ghrelin: blend your food into a healthy, voluminous soup.

What is the Best Weight Loss Soup?

It is vegetable soup, as it produces a more consistent blend and is generally lower in calories than chicken or fish soup. And of course, the homemade vegetable soup is the best of all! If you still choose to buy soup avoid:

  • canned soups which are usually high in salt content – salt causes water retention in the body, so adds weight;
  • creamy – high in calories;
  • soups made of vegetables with a high glycemic index such as potatoes - they are absorbed more readily into your bloodstream.

With our easy to make vegetable soup diet recipes below, you can enjoy a new soup every day!

Vegetable Soup Diet Recipes

Homemade Vegetable Soup

Homemade Vegetable Soup - only 170 kcal, Vegetable Soup Diet Recipe
This delicious homemade vegetable soup is easy and quick to make. This diet vegetable soup can make a meal in itself and contains only 170 kcal per serving. The vegetable soup diet recipe below contains turmeric; it is for colour only and too much will spoil the taste.

Cream of Celery Soup

Cream of Celery Soup Recipe only 163 kcal
This cream of celery soup recipe is very easy to make, very tasty and contains only 163 calories and NO cream! You can also use this recipe to make celery root soup replacing the celery stalks with 500g (1lb 2oz) celeriac.

Homemade Vegetable Beef Barley Soup

Homemade Vegetable Beef Barley Soup Recipe
This vegetable beef soup recipe is an easy but slow cook beef and barley soup recipe. This beef vegetable soup recipe is both hearty and filling and can make a meal on its own. This is one of the vegetable beef soup recipes which can be cooked in 2 ways...

Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe

Creamy Tomato Soup, Tomato Bisque Soup Recipe This creamy tomato soup or tomato bisque soup recipe is an easy tomato soup recipe which needs only 15 min preparation and 12 min to cook. This cream of tomato soup recipe contains only 157 kcal...

La Madeleine Tomato Basil Soup Recipe

La Madeleine Tomato Basil Soup – lighter option
La Madeleine tomato basil soup is the delicious old fashioned tomato soup from the famous French restaurant “La Madeleine”. The original recipe cream of tomato soup from La Madeleine contained full...

Cream of Carrot Soup

Cream of Carrot Soup Recipe, Carrot and Coriander Soup. Learn how to make Cream of Carrot and Coriander Soup. One serving provides 148 calories. See the nutritional profile for this creamy carrot soup.

Tomato Basil Soup

Tomato Basil Soup Recipe. This fresh Tomato Basil Soup Recipe is truly delicious and can be served hot as well as a cold tomato soup. Nutrition profile of Tomato and Basil Soup. More Tomato Basil Soup Recipes...

Italian Fish Soup

Italian Fish Soup Recipe. How to make this quick and easy Fish Seafood Soup Recipe. Preparation and cooking time 25 min, 294 calories in one serving. See the nutrition information for Italian Fish and Seafood Soup Recipe.

Fresh Tomato Soup

Fresh Tomato Soup Recipe. This fresh tomato soup recipe is suitable for any occasion. This homemade tomato soup recipe is easy to make, cheap and nutritious. More Fresh Tomato Soup Recipes...

Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet Potato Soup Recipe – Quick and Easy. This Sweet Potato Soup Recipe is quick and easy to make, will satisfy your taste for curry and perfect with mini naan bread. Sweet Potato Soup nutrition facts...

Olive Garden Minestrone Soup

Olive Garden Minestrone Soup Recipe. Try the copycat Olive Garden Minestrone soup recipe. It is an “easy minestrone soup recipe” which can be done in only 30 min. Nutrition Profile of the Olive Garden Minestrone recipe...

Carrot Ginger Soup

Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe, Curried Carrot Soup With Ginger. Try this Curried Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe – it is delicious, nutritious and very easy to cook. The carrot and ginger soup is low in calories and fat and you can enjoy it with crusty wholemeal bread...

Italian Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Recipe, Italian Minestrone Soup Recipe. This Minestrone Recipe will make a satisfying and filling soup. This Italian Minestrone Soup Recipe is easy to make, low in calories and fat. How to make this hearty Minestrone Soup...

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