Calories Burned During Exercise and Daily Activities,
Calorie Burn Calculator

How many calories burned during exercise and other activities? Calculate calories burned during exercise using our calorie burn calculator below.

In this activity calculator, you can select from more than a hundred different activities. You could be planning to walk the dog, wash the car, planning to go bowling or even cleaning the house.
Simply enter the time spent for the activity in minutes, enter your weight in pounds, click the calculate button and up will pop the calories burned. Please bear in mind this is an approximation.
You’ll notice that the more you weigh, generally the more calories will be burned, so as you lose weight, the more effort is required to burn more calories. People often forget that you don’t always need to go to a gym to lose weight. There are plenty of activities we are involved with during the day that will burn calories that we don’t even consider.
Remember to use our BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculator to work out your daily calorie needs.

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Calories Burned During Exercise and Daily Activities

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