Calories in Nuts and Seeds

The number of calories in nuts are very high as 50% of the nuts weight is oil, and oil contains up to twice the calories when compared with protein and carbohydrates.

Nuts are a great source of protein, essential oils and fiber. Due to their high calorie content, people following low fat diets choose to avoid nuts and miss out on the important health benefits of nuts. Even though they are high in fat, the healthy polyunsaturated fat in nuts is believed to be good for the heart and lowering our levels of cholesterol.

There are more than 300 varieties of nuts and we've listed some of the more popular varieties below. When purchasing them, try and buy them fresh instead of the roasted versions cooked in vegetable oil and covered in salt. You can always roast them yourself, as roasting is thought to add more flavor.

The calories in seeds are similar to nuts. Again purchase fresh, but consider popping some in a frying pan and gently warming them. Delicious!

Follow the links to understand each nut or seed in more detail. Where possible, we've broken down the fat content so you can compare the healthy fat versus saturated fat.

Nuts Calories

Calories in Nuts
In the list of nuts below you can see the calories of nuts
per 100 grams.

Calories in Almonds
575 kcal raw
597 kcal dry roasted
607 kcal oil roasted

Calories in Almond Butter
614 kcal

Calories in Brazil Nuts

656 kcal raw

Calories in Cashew Nuts
553 kcal raw
574 kcal dry roasted
580 kcal oil roasted

Calories in Cashew Butter
587 kcal

Calories in Chestnuts
196 kcal raw
369 kcal dry roasted
131 kcal boiled/steamed

Calories in Coconut Meat/Milk

354/230 kcal raw

Calories in Hazelnuts
628 kcal raw
646 kcal dry roasted

Calories in Macadamia Nuts
718 kcal raw
718 kcal dry roasted

Calories in Peanuts
567 kcal raw
585 kcal dry roasted
581 kcal oil roasted

Calories in Peanut Butter
589 kcal chunky
588 kcal smooth
520 kcal reduced fat

Calories in Pecan Nuts
691 kcal raw
710 kcal dry roasted
715 kcal oil roasted

Calories in Pine Nuts

673 kcal raw

Calories in Pistachios
577 kcal raw
571 kcal dry roasted

Calories in Walnuts

653 kcal raw

Calories in Seeds

Seed calories per 100 grams

Calories in Pumpkin Seeds
559 kcal kernels, dried
574 kcal kernels, roasted
446 kcal whole, roasted

Calories in Sesame Seeds
631 kcal kernels, dried
567 kcal kernels, toasted
573 kcal whole, dried
565 kcal whole, roasted and toasted

Calories in Sunflower Seeds

584 kcal kernels, dried
582 kcal dry roasted
592 kcal oil roasted
619 kcal toasted

Calories in Flax Seeds

534 kcal

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