The Best Exercise to Lose Weight

Find out what is the best exercise to lose weight and the fastest way to lose weight through exercise. Let’s see how different types of exercises and activities affect the weight loss process, and what the best exercise to burn fat is. When doing exercises for losing weight or performing our usual daily tasks we burn both fat and carbohydrates (glucose in our blood) which we receive from food eaten throughout the day.

Depending on the type of exercise, muscle can burn fat in a larger proportion to carbohydrates. Let’s see what exercise or activity can contribute the most to burning fat.

The Best Exercise to Lose Weight, Best Exercise to Burn Fat

Light House Chores

Washing up, cleaning, dusting, etc. burn 2 to 3 calories per minute, the total calories expenditure is low, but 70% of the calories burned are from burning fat rather then carbohydrates. Doing house work regularly increases the metabolism and total calories burned for the day.

Lose Weight Walking

Brisk walking performed for a long time burns a large amount of calories, 55% of which comes from fat burning and 45% from carbohydrates, which gives a good balance between total calories and fat burned. Learn more why walking is one of the best exercises to lose weight quickly and permanently.

Lose Weight Walking is a Good Start of Weight Loss Exercise Programs

Lose Weight by Running is not the Best Exercise for Weight Loss if You are a Beginner.

Lose Weight by Running

Is running the best exercise to lose weight? Running with an average speed burns 10 kcal/minute. Total calories burned might be high if you can sustain it for a long period of time, but at the beginning if you are not fit enough, it is not the best exercise for weight loss. If you are not fit, you will be out of breath very quckly and oxygen delivery to the muscle will be limited. In this case, 80% of all calories burned will be from glucose (carbs) and only 20% from fat burning. Burning such a high percentage of carbohydrates will increase your appetite – not regulate it!

If you are running regularly it will be different. As your muscles and lungs adapt to the intense level of running over time, you can utilise oxygen better to accelerate the fat burning process, even at high levels of fitness. Read more about Running to Lose Weight and how to develop fitness with a Running Training Program. Also see the Running Health Benefits.

Different Types of Aerobic Exercise are Very Effective for Burning a Large Amount of Energy per Session.

Aerobics Exercises

Is it the best exercise to lose weight? Different types of aerobic exercise are very effective for burning a large amount of energy per session and burning fat directly if sustained for at least 30 minutes. But for unfit or overweight people, a workout of such intensity might be too difficult and almost impossible to prolong for the period of time required for fat burning workouts.

If your breathing becomes heavy during such exercises this will result in carbohydrates being used, the main source of energy reducing fat burning to 30%, as cells cannot keep up with oxygen delivery and cannot burn fat effectively.

Start your aerobics exercises from brisk walking to get fitter so you would be able to keep up with an aerobic exercise program.

Include Anaerobic Exercises in Your Fat Burning Workout Plan to Boost Metabolism Naturally.

Anaerobic Exercises

During weight training workouts, sprinting, etc. - total calories burned are high, but due to muscle fatigue, can be only done for a short period of time. Also, constant breaks result in lower calories burned over the training session compared to aerobic exercises which are performed continuously.

Intense training and building lean muscle are the ways to boost the metabolism naturally - the fat burning process will last longer after the exercises have stopped, resulting in extra calories being burnt whilst at rest. You can include weight training in your fat burning workout plan only after your fitness levels increased.

The best exercise to lose weight is the one you enjoy, so you will keep doing it all over and over again. Make exercise more fun and enjoy it! Read more about Fun Exercise Ideas.

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