Lose Weight Walking

To lose weight walking is probably the easiest way to lose weight, the quickest way to lose weight and one of the simple ways to lose weight. It is certainly the best exercise to burn fat especially at the start of your weight loss program if you are a beginner to fat burning workouts and your fitness level needs improving slowly.

Of course, the best way to burn fat is to perform exercises which will burn fat directly. How many calories burned walking?

In average 2 to 3 calories burned by walking per minute, which is not a lot, but 80% of the total calories burned are from fat burned directly and only 20% from carbohydrates you consumed throughout the day. Walking is the best exercise to lose weight permanently.

Health benefits of walking include boosting energy levels, increasing body fat burned, decreasing health risks which are associated with overweight conditions (such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, etc.). Also, the benefits of walking – can be performed any where, any time,  while talking with a friend or walking a dog,  easy to start, no skills needed, no need of equipment.

Lose Weight Walking is a Good Start of Weight Loss Exercise Programs

Unfit people new to exercise have low fitness levels. This is because a lack of exercise leads to muscle loss and a loss of efficiency to fat burning. That is why many exercises will be too intense and too energy demanding to start a weight loss program.  If exercises are too intense for you, your body will be taking energy from burning carbohydrates which came from food you have eaten rather then from fat stores in your body. That is why jogging and running to lose weight is not a good idea at the beginning, as you would not be able to prolong it for a long time to burn calories efficiently, and it will increase your appetite too. Many beginners are doing their best and push the limits to feel that they have done a proper job, as a result they are out of breath, their heart rate is too high, and have deficit of oxygen – not a good condition for burning fat.

Once your fitness level improves, you would be able to utilise fat as energy even when running, but at the beginning walk to lose weight. 

Fat burning mode requires steady workout with consistent pace and good oxygen supply to muscles, so even overweight or unfit people can achieve this during walking to lose weight.

Lose weight by walking is one of the fun ways to exercise: you can take your friend, child or dog with you, do shopping or window shopping just keep moving continuously to support your fat burning zone. What about other fun exercise ideas – a walking holiday - you can walk across your country discovering new places and attractions every day!

Lose weight walking is the best beginning to your weight loss program if your doctor approves it.

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