Self Motivation Tips,
How to Develop Motivation for Weight Loss

Self motivation tips for losing weight, workout motivation, motivation to exercise, diet motivation tips, motivation to start weight loss program.

I don’t have time, energy; it is too cold, too hot,…raining and the dog chewed my trainers…Yes, there are millions of “real” excuses we can find… JUST GET ON WITH IT! Now get up and run/exercise! Just concentrate on one reason that brought you to running, exercising or dieting in the first place.

Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Self Motivation Tips, How to Develop Motivation for Weight Loss

Write a diary. It is a very successful way to stick with your diet and exercise program. Where you place your diary is more important then what you write in it. Put it on your fridge or in front of your computer. Write down everything you eat and every time you complete your workout (how long and how many times you repeated the exercises or how far you run) You will be proud to see the numbers grow or  guilty if they don’t! That will get you up!

Keep at it. If you missed a few sessions in the gym, did not exercise/ run this week –not a big deal, stuff happens, -  focus on the big picture, get back on the program and you will  still achieve your goals. Persistence is crucial. When you hit a plateau or get discouraged, remember that you invested so much time, effort in the program and the progress you have made! Don’t lose the benefits you have gained.  Keep looking and moving forward.

Find a supporting friend. Training with someone of the same ability as you can be beneficial as you are relying on them as much as they rely on you. It has an emotional power as it would be much harder to skip the workout/diet as it would feel like if you are letting your friend down.

Download an App. If you have a smartphone download an app like Nike+ to track your progress and speak to you in a motivational way. If you're walking, look at pedometers. There are lots of great apps you can choose

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