Calories in Meat

Calories in meat can be quiet high due to their high protein and fat content. To reduce the calories, ensure you choose lean cuts of meat only. Trim the fat before cooking the meat, so as to reduce your intake of saturated fat. The recommended methods of cooking are grilling or broiling meat, roasting and stewing to keep the calories low. If you must fry meat, fry on a griddle so the fat runs away.

Chicken, turkey and pork are lean meats and tend to be low in calories. With pork, ensure all the fat is removed before eating. With chicken and turkey, as tempting as it may be, remove the skin and discard. Do not eat!

Health advice suggests we should cut down on both processed meat, such as bacon, and red meat, although whilst there are published health guidelines, there is no real agreement, so our focus is on calories and fat content.

Below you can see how the calories vary in the different types of meats and how the cooking method affects the calories in poultry and other cuts of meat. Take a look at our calorie charts. All of our calorie information is provided by the US Department of Agriculture.

You may also want to look at our food calories list to get a better understanding of calories in other foods to help you create your diet plan.

Meat Calories

Meat Calories

(per 100 grams)

Calories in Bacon
Calories in Bacon
548 kcal baked
541 kcal roasted
533 kcal pan-fried
Calories in BeefCalories in Beef, lean,
trimmed to 0" fat, choice, roasted, sirloin/round or rump/rib

193/179/253 kcal
Calories in ChickenCalories in Chicken, breast,
stewed/roasted/fried, meat only;
meat and skin
184/197/260 kcal
Calories in Duck
Calories in Duck,
meat only/meat and skin

201/337 kcal roasted
Calories in Ham
Calories in Ham,
extra lean/regular/honey smoked

107/163/122 kcal
Calories in Ground Beef Calories in Ground Beef,
95% lean meat / 5% fat,
baked loaf/boiled patty

174/171 kcal
Calories in Lamb
Calories in Lamb, lean only,
trimmed to 1/4"fat

134 kcal raw
206 kcal cooked
Calories in Pork
Calories in Pork,
leg, loin, and shoulder

212 kcal cooked
Calories in Steak
Calories in Steak
fillet/sirloin/rump, grilled

210/257/188 kcal
Calories in Turkey
Calories in Turkey
wing, meat and skin

229 kcal roasted
Calories in Veal
Calories in Veal, fillet

240 kcal roasted

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