Calories in Ham

You can compare the calories in ham for a typical serving in the calorie chart below. It will help you to choose the best option according to your weight loss program. Ham calories do differ depending on the type of ham and the method used for cooking, however, we are showing the typical ham that is purchased from the supermarket and the different cooking types.

Ham comes from the top part of a pig's leg. So, how to cook ham to make sure you are eating less calories? The methods of cooking are broiling, baking, simmering and roasting ham. When cooking the ham in a pan of simmering water, be sure to regularly skim off the surface of the water as that is where the fat collects.

All of our calorie information is sourced from the US Department of Agriculture.

Ham Calories

Pork, Ham Cured

with natural juices, boneless
Ham Types,
Cooking Methods
Serving SizeCalories in Lean Only MeatCalories in Lean and Fat


Heated, Roasted

3.5 oz, 100gr

1 oz, 28 gr

1 lb, 453.6gr

3.5 oz, 100gr

3 oz, 85 gr

1 roast, 1497gr

110 kcal

31 kcal

499 kcal

113 kcal

96 kcal

1692 kcal

112 kcal

32 kcal

508 kcal

114 kcal

97 kcal

1707 kcal
Spiral Slice:


Heated, Roasted

3.5 oz, 100gr

1 oz, 28 gr

1 lb, 453.6gr

3.5 oz, 100gr

3 oz, 85 gr

1 slice,145gr

1 roast, 920gr

109 kcal

31 kcal

494 kcal

126 kcal

107 kcal

183 kcal

1159 kcal

129 kcal

37 kcal

585 kcal

136 kcal

116 kcal

197 kcal

1251 kcal

Heated, Pan-Broil

3.5 oz, 100gr

3 oz, 85 gr

1 slice, 277gr

116 kcal

99 kcal

321 kcal

118 kcal

100 kcal

327 kcal

Ham Recipes

Chicken, Cauliflower and Ham Soup. This soup is easy and quick to make using some chicken leftovers and a few pieces of ham. The recipe provides a good source of niacin and vitamin C, low in cholesterol, sodium and fat and is suitable for a low carb high protein, low GI and diabetic diet.

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