Calories in Alcohol

You can estimate the calories in alcohol and find out which alcohol is the lowest to suit you using the alcohol calorie counter below.  Alcohol calories are very high - 7 calories per gram, so if you are trying to keep in shape it is a good idea to cut down on alcohol.

But if you want to reach your target weight in a minimal time scale you should quit drinking. Alcohol does not have any nutritional value and only contains empty calories which settle mainly on the waist line. Ask yourself, if you are on a calorie restricted diet, why would you want to drink alcohol and use up your calorie allowance when you could instead be eating nutritious food.

There is a straight dependence between alcohol and weight gain. Think back when you go to a bar for a drink. The alcohol will start to make you feel hungry. So you purchase some unhealthy salty snacks. The salt in those snacks make you feel thirsty. So you purchase another drink. You then feel hungry again, and so the cycle continues.

Our bodies require a healthy balance of potassium and sodium. Alcohol is known to remove potassium from our body which upsets this balance. To counteract the desire for alcohol, we need to eat foods rich in potassium, for example green vegetables and fruits.

If you are serious about losing weight, it's preferable to cut out alcohol completely, otherwise limit to an occasional treat, and wait until after you have eaten a meal.

Below are links to the major types of alcohol that we consume. If your favorite drink is not listed, contact us, and we'll get it added.

Calories in alcohol for most consumed drinks

Alcohol Calories

Calories in Vodka

Calories in Red Wine

Calories in Liqueur

Calories in Rum

Calories in White Wine

Alcohol Drinks Shots

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