Calories in Liqueur

How many calories in liqueur? Liqueurs are sweet beverages which are both high in calories and alcohol.

Your body will not burn any stored fat when drinking alcohol, this is because alcohol is the first fuel to be burned when consumed. So your body will not burn fat until all of the alcohol is cleared from the body. This does not stop the weight loss, but will postpone it.

Calories in Liqueur

1.5 fl.oz = 44.36 mL - 1 shot or single shot in US and Canada
25 mL - 1 shot or single shot in United Kingdom.

The alcoholic drinks shots in other countries

Compare calories in liqueur with the other calories in alcohol.

Type of LiquorCalories per 50 ml or
1.7 fl.oz
Baileys, Irish Cream, 34 proof, 17% alc176 kcal
Coffee Liquer, 53 proof, 27% alc.166 kcal
Coffee Liquer, 63 proof, 32% alc.152 kcal
Coffee with Creame, 34 proof, 17% alc.158 kcal
Creme de Menthe, 72 proof, 36% alc.177 kcal
Creme de Cacao, 54 proof, 27% alc.170 kcal
Cherry Brandy, 48 proof, 24% alc136 kcal
Grand Marnier, 80 proof, 40% alc129 kcal
Frangelico, 48 proof, 24% alc119 kcal
White Milk Chocolate, 30 proof, 15% alc.154 kcal
Tia Maria, 64 proof, 32% alc153 kcal

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