Cool Down Exercises, Cooling Down After Exercise

Cool down exercises should be performed straight after a workout or any physical activity to let your body recover, and allow your heart rate and breathing to calm down. Cooling down helps to reduce muscle stiffness in the next few days after a workout and lessen any risk of potential injuries immediately after workout when your coordination might be off. Cool down routines require you to  gradually decrease the intensity level of the exercise routine, returning your body to a normal pace.

Cooling down after exercise should consist of the following steps:

Cool Down Exercises, Cooling Down After Exercise
  • 5-10 min walking or jogging (to decrease body temperature and remove waste products, including lactic acid, from the muscles).

  • 5-10 min stretching exercise, which should be held for 10 seconds.

Static exercise stretches are more suitable for a cool down routine as they relax the muscle and help your body to return to a normal range of movement. Dynamic stretches are suitable for warm up exercise routines before your workout.

It might seem that the warming up cooling down process is adding too much extra time to a fat burning workout plan, but warm up exercises and cool down can be done in as little as 5 minutes, although 10 – 15 minutes are much better!

The cooling down exercise routine will make you feel much better and get your body ready much quicker for your next workout. The after effect of any aches and pains will reduce a lot quicker and your pulse will return to its normal rate. Also remember to drink lots of liquid after your workout so your body remains hydrated.

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