Calories in Red Wine

The calories in red wine are listed in the chart below. Carbohydrates in red wine are not the main energy source, it is the alcohol itself that contains most of the calories. The higher the volume of alcohol in red wine, the more calories the wine contains. Moderate red wine consumption can be beneficial for our health though.

The theoretical benefits of drinking red wine include lowering the incidence of heart disease, by improving the function of the blood vessels and cholesterol levels.

But red wine or any alcohol is not normally permitted for people who are in the first stage of most diets, as alcohol affects the blood sugar level and causes hunger cravings. So, when on a diet, avoid alcohol.

The table below shows the calories for most grape varieties. If you must have a drink, choose a wine with a lower alcohol content by volume. Also remember when a bar tries to sell you a large glass which is 250ml, that it's one third of an entire bottle.

All of our calorie information is provided by the US Department of Agriculture.

Red WIne Calories

Red Wine Calories - Grape Varieties

Type of WineCalories in 1 glass:
small 125ml (4 fl.oz), medium 175 ml(6 fl.oz), large 250 ml (8.5 fl.oz)
Red Wine104, 146, 208 kcal
Burgundy 106, 148, 212 kcal
Cabernet Sauvignon 102, 142, 204 kcal
Claret102, 142, 204 kcal
Merlot102, 142, 204 kcal
Pinot Noir 101, 141, 202 kcal
Syrah102, 142, 204 kcal
Zinfandel 108, 151, 216 kcal

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