Calories in White Wine

How many calories in white wine? There is a white wine calorie comparison chart shown below for the different sizes of wine glass. A large glass is commonly 250ml. Just consider the fact that one large glass is one third of a bottle. White wine calories vary amongst the many different white wine types and wine brands.

Carbohydrates in white wine are not the main source of calories as many people think - it is the alcohol itself that contains the most calories.

The alcohol content of wine in some white wine varieties is up to 15%. Carbohydrates contain only 4 calories per gram compared to 7 calories per gram in alcohol. You should completely avoid alcohol when on a diet.

As can be seen below, the grape varieties are reasonably consistent in their calorie content, however, it's the strength of the wine where the calories levels will vary substantially.

All of our calorie information is provided by the US Department of Agriculture. Compare the white wine calories to the other calories in alcohol.

White Wine Calories

White Wine Comparison Chart

Types of White WineCalories in 1 glass:
small 125 ml(4 fl.oz), medium 175 ml (6 fl.oz), large 250 ml(8.5 fl.oz)
White Wine101, 141, 202 kcal
Chenin Blanc 98, 138, 197 kcal
Gewurztraminer99, 139, 198 kcal
Muscat103, 144, 205 kcal
Pinot Gris / Pinot Grigio102, 142, 203 kcal
Riesling98, 138, 197 kcal
Sauvignon Blanc99, 139, 198 kcal
Semillon101, 141, 202 kcal

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