Calories in Steak

How many calories in steak? The steak calories vary between the different cuts of beef and types of steak. Select only lean beef cuts and trim off the excess fat before cooking the steak. The common ways to cook steak are broiling or grilling and pan frying steak.

The only way to reduce the calories further is to reduce the fat content. The preferred method is grilling or broiling, so any fat released during the cooking process drips away from the steak. If you must fry steak, then use a griddle so the juices run away.

Braising steak has the lowest number of calories, perfect for beef stews.

Use a griddle with a non-stick coating, for low-fat cooking of steaks.

Compare calories in steak with other meats.

Calories in Steak

Calories in Steak Raw, Grilled
and Pan Fried

Type of Steak
Serving Size
Calories per Serving, Grilled/Broiled
Calories per Serving, Pan Fried Steak
Filet Mignon or
Fillet Steak
100 gr
3oz, 85gr
210 kcal
179 kcal
242 kcal
206 kcal
Round or
Rump Steak
100 gr
3oz, 85gr
188 kcal
160 kcal
216 kcal
184 kcal
Chuck or
Braising Steak
100 gr
3oz,85 gr
181 kcal
154 kcal
208 kcal
177 kcal
Minute Steak100 gr
3oz, 85gr
198 kcal
168 kcal
228 kcal
193 kcal
Rib Eye Steak100 gr
3oz, 85gr
265 kcal
225 kcal
295 kcal
259 kcal
Sirloin Steak100 gr
3oz, 85gr
257 kcal
219 kcal
296 kcal
252 kcal
Porterhouse Steak100 gr
3oz, 85gr
266 kcal
226 kcal
306 kcal
260 kcal
T-Bone Steak100 kcal
3oz, 85gr
294 kcal
250 kcal
338 kcal
287 kcal
Steak Tartare (raw ground beef, 5% fat and egg)100 gr
3oz, 85gr
136 kcal, raw
116 kcal, raw


Steak Recipes

Marinated Steak Fajitas

Marinated Steak Fajitas
Sirloin steak is perfect to make this steak fajita recipe. If you would like to marinate the steak, the overall time from start to finish is 1 hour 15 min, but if you would like a quick option - just grill the steak as it is, add a lot of chillies and it will save you a lot of time.

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