Best Time to Exercise to Make
Fat Burning Workouts Most Effective

When is the best time to exercise to get the benefits of physical exercise and make fat burning workouts the most effective? Finding time for exercise can be challenging – no matter when you do it, as long as you do your cardiovascular exercises for at least 30 minutes, you will burn the fat anyway.

But to get the best possible result for investing your time and effort into your fat burning workout plan, you should get up early in the morning and do your cardio exercises such as running, walking, cycling, aerobics, etc before breakfast. Exercising in the morning has major advantages compared to exercising later in the day. So, why is the morning the best time to exercise?

Best Time to Exercise to Make Fat Burning Workouts Most Effective is in the Morning

Best Time to Exercise and Burn Fat is in the Morning

Here are the reasons why:

  • In the morning, before breakfast when your blood sugar levels are low and it is ideal for fat burning exercises ,you will use up energy for exercising from fat stored in your body instead of energy from carbohydrates you have just eaten. If you exercise immediately after breakfast you will still burn the fat but only after you burn the calories from breakfast first.  You can burn as much as 3 times more fat when cardio exercises are done on an empty stomach.
  • When you do your cardiovascular exercises in the morning, not only do you burn the fat during the session, but the fat burning process lasts for hours after the workout session. This is because speed training workouts boost metabolism naturally. If you exercise in the evening you still burn the fat during the workout but as soon as you go to sleep at night, your metabolism slows down rapidly - it is significantly lower than during any other time of the day, so you would not benefit from an evening workout as much as the morning.
  • The other reason why you should do your fat burning exercise in the morning is getting it out of the way early, especially if you consider it difficult and unpleasant.  Putting it off as a chore will make you feel guilty, stressed and you are more likely to skip it if you had a busy day at work, tired or something more interesting came up.  Maybe you are not a “morning person” and find it difficult to wake up early and have the motivation to exercise, but if you remember the time in your life when you challenged a difficult task and finished it and how great you felt afterwards!

After your morning cardiovascular exercises you will feel fantastic, not only because you accomplished a difficult task and can be proud of yourself but also because endorphins released in the body after a good workout plan will make you feel happy and euphoric as they create a natural “high”! Endorphins not only improve your mood and release stress but also relieve pain.  Isn’t it a great start to the day?! Knowing that the most difficult part of the day is behind you, you can start your day and feel happy and satisfied for the rest of the day. So just get up in the morning and do it! The effort is well worth the result! Of course it will be difficult first, but after a few weeks you will become addicted to the feeling of the buzz you have after your exercise routine. Make a commitment to do it just for 1 month and cardio exercises will become your new habit before you know it, give a metabolism boost and making you feel great!

P.S. If you still insist after all, on exercising later in the day – the second best time to exercise (cardio exercises) will be after your weight training.

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