Running Health Benefits,
Health Benefits of Jogging

Studies have proven that running health benefits are enormous, reducing health risks from colds to cancer, and helping you live a longer and healthier life. Running is one of the best aerobic exercises and has all the benefits of aerobic exercise: making your heart and lungs stronger and more efficient, ensuring good oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, and enhancing weight loss - which is proven to reduce the risk of heart attack.

The psychological benefits of running, like other aerobic exercises, include stress relief and may even cure depression. Research shows that people who jog/run and exercise regularly, generally feel more energetic, creative and happier.
Running improves your fitness and stamina. Running forces your heart to enlarge gradually, so exercises will require less effort eventually. A bigger heart and stronger lungs means more oxygen can be delivered to working muscles, more oxygen means more fat can be utilized as energy to exercise for a longer period of time - oxygen is a mandatory requirement for fat burning workouts.

Running Health Benefits, Health Benefits of Jogging

Maybe surprisingly, you will burn more calories when the weather is cold, so try to run outside rather than at a warm gym.

The health benefits of running start to kick in after 4 weeks of beginning your running training program. After 12 weeks of starting your running training schedule you should develop a good level of physical fitness and see even more dramatic benefits – the changes in your metabolism will result in body fat reduction. Remember that the training effect of the exercise reduces in 48 hours after workout, so regularity is very important.

If you don't consider yourself ready yet to ease into a running program, then consider regular walking sessions. Then as you get used to these sessions, consider increasing your energy levels and moving onto jogging. Remember to consult your doctor before starting physical exercise.

Author: Lana Soko

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