Cabbage Chicken Soup Diet

Cabbage and Chicken Soup Diet, Vegetable Chicken Soup Diet

The cabbage chicken soup diet or vegetable chicken soup diet is one of the variations of the original cabbage soup diet.

Cabbage and Chicken SoupCabbage and Chicken Soup

The cabbage and chicken soup diet is a low calorie diet consisting of fruit, vegetables and an unlimited consumption of cabbage and chicken soup. The diet will make you lose weight fast, as will any of the very low calorie diets but the weight loss will be due to water weight and muscle tissue loss rather than due to fat loss. The diet has the same guidelines as the cabbage soup diet the only difference is the soup recipe.

Cabbage and Chicken Soup Recipe


4 chicken thighs with bones (take the skin and fat off). If the chicken is frozen make sure you thaw it before cooking.

½ head cabbage chopped,

1 large onion chopped,

4 medium carrots chopped,

6 stalks of celery chopped,

1 medium parsnip chopped,

1 handful of green beans,

Few chicken stock cubes,

1 chilli pepper seeded and chopped,

cloves of chopped garlic,

2 Tbsp of chopped fresh herbs: dill, parsley, coriander – any herbs of your choice.

Cooking Instructions:

Boil the chicken in 9 cups of water using a large pot. Cook the meat until it is tender, then add the chicken stock cubes, vegetables (cabbage, onion, celery, parsnip, garlic and chillies), seasoning and pepper. Continue to cook until the vegetables are fully cooked and meat starts to fall off the bone. Add fresh herbs right at the end. Take out the chicken bones once the soup is cooked.

Does the Cabbage Chicken Soup Diet work?

The specific foods in the diet (chicken and cabbage) could just as easily be any meat and vegetables you like, as long as they are low in calories, per weight and volume. So no matter what you do, if you swap a cheeseburger for soup, you are going to consume fewer calories. Research has proven that eating soup for lunch is very beneficial for weight loss (read more about vegetable soup diet). However, following a very low calorie diet with a limited choice of food is not a good idea; eventually you will give up and start eating regular food again, gaining the weight as quickly as you lost it.

The only thing that works permanently is a permanent lifestyle change that includes healthy eating with an exercise regime.

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