The Fat Burning Diet Plan

The Fat Burning Diet plan by Jay Robb, a certified clinical nutritionist, isn’t a low-carb or high-carb diet, in fact, it’s partly both. Jay sets out to teach you how to offset eating fat burning low carb diet meals one day, with high carb meals the next day, and what the difference between good and bad (simple and complex) carbs are. He does not believe in the need for a low-carb diet as the food choice is too restrictive and it will become boring.

The book starts with an interesting joke, which is a reference to the fact that we can all make choices, in this case, the food that we eat. Jay wrote this book back in 1991 and it has since been updated.

Prior to writing the book Jay had been diagnosed from suffering with hypoglycaemia, a deficiency of glucose in the blood stream, so he wanted to know how to manage his glycogen and insulin levels.

In his subsequent research, he found that if the body is naturally able to burn fat, both type 2 diabetes and hypoglycaemia are illnesses of the past, Jay claims.

The Fat Burning Diet: Accessing Unlimited Energy for a Lifetime

Our bodies need fat, and fat is the fuel we need, not carbohydrates. The diet designed in this book will burn fat constantly Jay claims, especially as your energy levels increase. So it’s simple – one day you follow a high-carb meal plan and the next day it’s a low-carb diet plan. Every day comes with three meals. There are no phases to follow. The book comes with lots of meal plans that are straightforward.

In 2001, Jay followed up his Fat Burning Diet with a Fat Burning Diet Cookbook. It contains 150 different recipes covering breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as side dishes, salads and also dessert. The book also provides a list of fat burning groceries for you to choose from.

Sample of Fat Burning Diet Meal Plan

Low Carb Day Menu


Egg white omelette with goat’s cheese and ½ small tomato


Large cos lettuce salad with grilled steak and avocado


Baked Sea bass with fennel and tomatoes

High Carb Day Menu


Porridge with honey and fresh fruit


Chicken breast with baked sweet potato;

Mixed leaf salad with low fat dressing


Wholegrain spaghetti with meat balls


Fresh fruit

The Fat Burning Diet plan can be purchased at discounted price from amazon.

Author: Lana Soko

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