Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber rich foods: soluble fiber foods and insoluble fiber foods

Looking to introduce more fiber into your diet? A high fiber diet plan has proven to be beneficial for our health in many ways. Fiber moves quickly and easy through our digestive tract and helps it to function properly. A fiber rich diet helps to prevent constipation, lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease and diverticulosis. Also, if you are overweight, eat plenty of foods with fiber. Eating healthy fiber rich foods will make you feel full for longer, without adding extra calories.

All foods with fiber contain both types of fiber. Some foods are high in soluble fiber, whereas other foods are high in insoluble fiber.  Soluble and insoluble fiber possess different qualities. Soluble fiber plays an important role in blood cholesterol reduction, while insoluble fiber adds bulk to faeces preventing constipation. Read more about soluble and insoluble fiber benefits here.

Here is the chart of soluble and insoluble fiber rich foods, which shows the dietary fiber content of 70 high consumption foods, presented by The Journal of Food Composition and Analysis. Foods with 1g of fiber or more, per 100 g, can be considered good sources of dietary fiber. The recommended daily fiber intake for women and men is 21-26 grams and 30-38 grams a day respectively.

Soluble and Insoluble Fiber Rich Foods

Per 100 grams (3.5 oz) edible portion

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Soluble Fiber Foods, Insoluble Fiber Foods
Baked Products
Sources of Soluble Fiber, Sources of Insoluble Fiber
Grains and Pasta
Foods High in Soluble Fiber, Foods High in Insoluble Fiber
Soluble Fiber Sources
Dietary Soluble Fiber Foods
Vegetables Raw
Food Sources of Soluble Fiber
Vegetables Cooked
Soluble Fiber Food Sources
Nuts and Seeds

Baked Products

Fiber Rich FoodsSoluble Fiber, gramsInsoluble Fiber, gramsTotal Fiber, grams
Bagel, plain, frozen1.171.292.46
Bread, white, reduced calorie, soft1.018.469.47
Bread, white, reduced calorie, firm1.038.649.67
Bread, rye, w/caraway seed1.091.983.07
Bread, rye, seedless1.622.844.46
Bread, wheat, soft1.262.133.38
Bread, wheat, firm1.564.636.19
Bread, white, soft1.020.531.54
Bread, white, firm1.301.362.66
Bread, whole wheat, soft1.264.766.01
Bread, whole wheat, firm1.515.216.71
Hamburger/hotdog rolls0.561.441.99
Tortilla, corn, RTE*1.114.395.50
Tortilla, flour (wheat), RTE*1.510.852.37

Cereal Grains and Pasta

Fiber Rich FoodsSoluble Fiber, gramsInsoluble Fiber, gramsTotal Fiber, grams
Corn meal, yellow, degermed0.623.323.94
Cornstarch, wholesale1.000.081.08
Brown rice, long grain, cooked0.442.893.33
Flour, all purpose, bleached1.541.503.04
Grits, quick, cooked0.121.141.26
Grits, instant, cooked0.071.481.55
Oatmeal, instant, cooked1.451.142.58
Oatmeal, regular, cooked0.421.231.65
Spaghetti, cooked0.541.332.06
White rice, long grain, cooked-0.340.34


Fiber Rich FoodsSoluble Fiber, gramsInsoluble Fiber, gramsTotal Fiber, grams
Apple (Red delicious), raw, ripe w/skin0.671.542.21
Avocado (Calfornia, Haas), raw, ripe2.033.515.53
Avocado (Florida, Fuerte), raw, ripe1.255.486.72
Bananas, raw, ripe0.581.211.79
Grapefruit, raw, white, ripe0.580.320.89
Grapes (Thompson seedless), raw, ripe0.240.360.60
Guava, raw, ripe1.5411.8112.72
Mango, raw, ripe0.691.081.76
Nectarine, raw, ripe, w/skin0.981.062.04
Oranges (Navel), raw, ripe1.370.992.35
Orange juice, retail, from concentrate0.280.030.31
Peaches, raw, ripe, w/skin1.311.542.85
Peaches, raw, ripe, w/o skin0.841.162.00
Pears, raw, ripe, w/skin0.922.253.16
Pineapple (smooth Cayenne), raw, ripe0.041.421.46
Plum, raw, ripe, w/skin1.121.762.87
Prunes, pitted4.503.638.13
Raisins, seedless0.902.173.07
Watermelon, raw, ripe0.130.270.40


Fiber Rich FoodsSoluble Fiber, gramsInsoluble Fiber, gramsTotal Fiber, grams
Beans, canned, w/pork and tomato sauce1.384.025.40
Chick peas, canned, drained0.415.796.19
Cowpeas, canned, drained0.434.114.53
Lentils, dry, cooked, drained0.445.425.86
Pinto beans, canned, drained0.995.666.65
Red kidney beans, can, drained1.365.777.13
Split peas, dry, cooked, drained0.0910.5610.65

Vegetables, raw

Foods Rich in FiberSoluble Fiber, gramsInsoluble Fiber, gramsTotal Fiber, grams
Broccoli, raw0.443.063.50
Cabbage, green, raw0.461.792.24
Carrots, raw0.492.392.88
Cauliflower, raw0.472.152.62
Cucumber, raw, with peel0.200.941.14
Lettuce, iceberg, raw0.100.880.98
Onion, mature, raw0.711.221.93
Pepper, sweet, green, raw0.530.991.52
Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw0.150.191.34
Spinach, raw0.772.433.20

Vegetables, cooked

Foods Rich in FiberSoluble Fiber, gramsInsoluble Fiber, gramsTotal Fiber, grams
Beans, green, fresh, microwaved1.382.934.31
Broccoli, fresh, microwaved1.852.814.66
Carrots, fresh, microwaved1.582.293.87
Corn, yellow, from cob, grocery store0.134.124.25
Corn, yellow, from cob, farm market0.252.632.87
Lima beans, immature, froz., microwaved1.024.215.23
Peas, green, froz., microwaved0.942.613.54
Potato, french fries, fast food0.673.444.11
Potato, white, baked, w/skin0.611.702.31
Potato, white, boiled, w/o skin0.991.062.05

Nuts and Seeds

Fiber Rich FoodsSoluble Fiber, gramsInsoluble Fiber, gramsTotal Fiber, grams
Brazil nuts1.85.77.5
Cashew nuts1.591.413
Flax seeds15.012.327.3
Pumpkin seeds0.845.166
Sesame seeds2.838.9711.8
Sunflower seeds2.106.508.60
Source: Journal of Food Composition and Analysis (2002) 15, 715–723 *RTE = ready-to-eat

Author: Lana Soko

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