Fire Up Your Fat Burn

Fire Up Your Fat Burn, was written by Dr Lori Shemek in 2012. The book claims to have distilled all the latest research on losing weight into simple, understandable, fast weight loss tips and strategies. She has a doctorate in Psychology from the California Coast University. She is also a certified nutritional consultant.

If you’re overweight, Dr Shemek says the reason is because you are eating the wrong food, it’s not because you are consuming too many calories. It’s simply because you don’t eat the right foods that burn fat.

The book provides ten simple "quick success strategies" which includes advice on; the number of times you need to eat per day, portion sizes, eating the right fats, exercise, the right carbohydrates and so on. The book then explores each one so you fully understand how you are going to lose weight Dr Shemek’s way.

Dr Shemek believes in exercise, but maybe not what you are thinking. Instead of lengthy cardio sessions, she wants you to do high intensity interval training – these are short high intensity exercises that will boost your fat loss quicker than doing lengthy cardio sessions. No special equipment is needed and diagrams are provided.

The book includes a fat burning foods list, with sections on protein, complex carbs, vegetables, fruit, plant proteins and healthy fats.

Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!: Super-Easy Quick Tips, Strategies and Goals for Fast Weight Loss

There also sections on foods to avoid, sample meal plans, lots of recipes, and additional supplements which are required, regardless of the food that you are eating. The supplements, claim Dr Shemek, will further increase weight loss.

Dr Shemek has also devised a useful Nutrition Fast Trac™ system for you to track your daily food intake.

This book is a not about a specific diet to follow (i.e. Day 1 do this, Day 2 eat this…). There are no phases, but it is full of simple tips and strategies to follow and all the information you need about the right foods to eat, and the right exercises that will help you to lose weight.

You can purchase Fire Up Your Fat Burn from Amazon.

Author: Lana Soko

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