How The Rich Get Thin

How the Rich Get Thin by diet doctor to the wealthy Jana Klauer will show you how to drop a dress size in just 3 days and after 2 more weeks you will feel and look 10 years younger. The book was written by Dr Jana Klauer in 2006. Dr Klauer graduated from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. She also has a Master’s from Columbia and runs a weight loss practice on Park Avenue in New York.

Dr Klauer believes those who are driven for success work very hard, and the same mental attitude needs to be applied if you wish to lose weight.

She’s found that illnesses from people who are overweight are mostly caused by being overweight. Dr Klauer also believes in exercise. Pick any form of exercise and repeat it daily she says, but it’s absolutely necessary. Also non-negotiable is removing processed food from your diet. Unusually, when compared to other diet books, Dr Klauer wants you to eat foods with calcium and also take calcium supplements as she believes it will boost your metabolism.

How the Rich Get Thin book will tell you which prescription drugs cause you to gain weight as often her weight loss patients have no idea of their side effects.

How The Rich Get Thin Diet Phases

Dr Klauer’s diet is based on vegetables (complex carbohydrates), fats containing omega-3 and is high in protein. Her diet is in three phases:

The first phase lasts for just three days and will help you to drop a dress size (8lb). It’s based on eating lots of protein, a low number of calories, and eliminating carbohydrates which cause water retention – all this will boost the loss of excess fluid in your body and you will see immediate result she claims. You need to begin aerobic (running, brisk walking, cycling) exercises for 1 hour daily, if you are new to exercise do ½ hour. After you have lost your water weight the next phase will introduce you to a restrictive balanced diet to boost your fat loss.

How the Rich Get Thin: Park Avenue's Top Diet Doctor Reveals the Secrets to Losing Weight and Feeling Great

Phase two sees you eating three meals and three snacks per day, with the focus again on protein. Alcohol, fizzy drinks, foods high in saturated fat and processed foods are not allowed. Follow this phase as long as you need and you move to phase three when you have just five pounds of weight loss left to achieve if you are a woman, and 7lb if you are a man. Foods that were restricted are now re-introduced very slowly letting the body adapt to new level of calories and this becomes your sustainable forever phase.

The fact this book keeps referring to rich successful people may become a little tiresome. Unlike other diets that claim you will not feel hungry, certainly with the first two phases, you are likely to suffer hunger pains, whilst your body adjusts to eating fewer calories, so you will need a high level of commitment.

How The Rich Get Thin Diet Rules

  1. Must consume 1200mg of calcium every day.
  2. Protein sources to choose from: fish, eggs, poultry (skinless chicken and turkey) and low fat/fat free dairy products. Red meat is excluded as it is high in saturated fat. Buy only eggs that are high in omega-3 fat.
  3. You must precisely follow the plan and eat everything even if you are not hungry.
  4. Must do 1 hour of aerobic exercises every day.
  5. Drink plenty of water and green tea.

Sample of Phase One Meal Plan


1 hard-boiled omega-3 egg;

225g (8 oz.) plain low fat yogurt;

1 green tea;

1 large glass of water.

Morning Snack:

55g (2 oz.) low fat cheese;

Few large glasses of water before lunch.


1 can of tuna (155g/4 oz.), drained, with lemon juice and pepper,

no salt allowed;

1 Large glass of water.

Afternoon Snack:

225g (8 oz.) low fat calcium enriched cottage cheese;

70g (2 ½ oz.) cauliflower flowerets;

Few glasses of water before dinner.


150g (5 ½ oz.) mixed green leaf salad;

1 tbsp. of Ginger Soy Dressing (recipe in the book);

115g (4 oz.) baked fish;

70g (2 ½ oz.) steamed green beans with lemon juice;

1 large glass of water.

Bed Time Snack:

225g (8 oz.) of plain low- fat yogurt.

Total calories for the day: 1,225 kcal

Total protein: 105g

Total calcium: 1,300mg

How The Rich Get Thin can be purchased at a discounted price from Amazon.

Author: Lana Soko

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