The Low Carb Revolution

The Low Carb Revolution by John McClean is a low-carbohydrate diet about how to get your self-esteem back, lose weight healthily by just making a few simple changes to your diet without counting calories. John is a writer and traveller, he wrote this book in 2012.

He wants you to approach your revolution differently to other low-carb diets. He wants you to learn to love yourself, to understand why you want to diet, and to help you move to a different lifestyle. He appreciates that you cannot just switch from potentially years of bad eating and bad habits to eating healthy food. But, he does want you to be passionate about ending obesity or wanting to lose weight, wanting to have lots of energy and to be healthy.

The Low Carb Revolution: Why the Secret to Losing Weight is to Fall Back in Love With Yourself!

Supplied free with this book is a website link to an mp3 download which provides 30 minutes of non-stop affirmations to help you along your journey. John wants you to play and listen to them very regularly. In addition, he also provides his email address for you to email him directly.

The book introduces the term ‘Big Diet’ which relates to the large multi-national food and diet organisations John says are responsible for making people obese. He wants you to stop eating what he terms, ‘KRAP’ and explains how to break free from these companies and their brands.

The Low Carb Revolution Diet Plan

The Low Carb Revolution is divided into two sections. The first section is about our diet and talks about healing our bodies from within, whilst the second section relates to our emotions which most diet books do not consider. In the first section he covers what he calls the 13 keys and the 13 progressions, whilst the second section reveals his 13 secrets.

The 13 keys relate to how fat is stored in our bodies and what we can do to burn the fat off. The 13 progressions are the foods that we need to avoid, and the foods that we should be eating. He talks about the impact of sugar, the processed and natural carbs to avoid such as wheat and to limit our intake of alcohol. John says that if we eat properly there is absolutely no need for calorie counting.

Lastly, the 13 secrets will help you to change your bad habits forever, and he explains how to create good new habits.

This book does not provide any menus or meal plans.

The Low Carb Revolution book can be purchased at a discounted price from amazon.

Author: Lana Soko

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