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We provide the glycemic index list of foods below. Choosing foods which are low in the glycemic index is the easy way to ensure your diet is a healthy diet to lose weight.

Foods ranked in the Glycemic Index contain carbohydrates. These carbs are sugar, fiber, or starch. Glucose, being the worst, will temporarily cause a sugar imbalance, making you feel hungry soon after having finished a meal. The ranking goes from 0 to 100, with 100 being the foods that are pure glucose. Read more about the benefits of low glycemic food.

The glycemic index range is as follows:

    Low GI = 55 or less - Low glycemic index foods
    Medium GI = 56 - 69 - Medium glycemic index foods
    High GI = 70 or more - High glycemic index foods

List of Low Glycemic Foods, Low GI Food List:

Fruits| Vegetables| Breakfast Cereal| Bread| Grains and Legumes (Beans)| Pasta| Snacks & Sweet Foods| Other Foods

Low GI Foods
0 - 55 GI

Medium GI Foods
56 - 69 GI

High GI Foods
70 or more GI

Low glycemic fruits: Apples, pears, nectarines,
plums, gages, peaches,
apricots, strawberries, blueberries and
other berries
Tropical fruits*: banana, kiwi fruit, mango, papaya, pineappleDried dates
Citrus fruitsCherries, grapesWatermelon
Fruit and vegetable juiceFresh dates-
Dried apples, pears,
apricots, mango, prunes
Dried cranberries, figs, raisins, sultanas-
All green vegetables, onions and leeksBeetrootPotatoes in all forms: mashed, roast, etc.
All salad vegetables and herbsSwedeBroad beans
Sprouted seeds and bean sproutsSweetcornCooked parsnips
Carrots, artichokes, celeriacWinter squashes (pumpkins)Watermelon
Avocado-Dried dates
Sweet potatoes, yams--
Breakfast Cereal
Breakfast cereals and mueslis containing whole (not flaked) grains; sugar-free mueslisBran BudsProcessed breakfast cereals such as cornflakes, puffed grain cereals, crunchies, millet flakes,
instant porridge oats; some mueslis
Oat branMini wheatsSultana Bran, Rice Crispies
Rolled oatsNutrigrainBranflakes
Special K (UK/Aus)Shredded wheat, Oats in Honey BakeCoco Pops, Puffed Wheat
Natural muesliPorridge oatsTeam, Total, Cheerios
All BranSpecial K (US)Weetabix
Low glycemic bread: Grain breads containing whole seeds and nutsHamburger bunProcessed white and brown breads, white flour
Pumpernickel breadPita, whiteBagel
Stoneground wholewheat and rye breadsWholemeal RyeCrispbreads
Soya and Linseed, Heavy Mixed Grain-French Baguette
Grains and Legumes (Beans)
All dried beans and pulsesBasmati riceBroad beans
Canned beans; sugar-reduced baked beansCouscousRisotto, pudding
Brown and red riceWild RiceTapioca
Bulgur wheat, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, pearl barleyCornmealShort grain white rice
Stoneground oats, rolled oatsPolentaSticky and quick-cook long-grain rice varieties
Durum wheat pasta - all kindsGnocchiGluten-free pasta and some noodles
Egg pasta and noodlesVermicelli-
Glass and cellophane noodles (made from pea and bean flour)Rice noodles-
Snacks & Sweet Foods
Nuts and seedsSugarLiquorice
Snickers Bar (high fatHoneySavoury and sweet pastries
Nutella, sponge cakeMaple syrupMost cakes and biscuits; croissants, crumpets
Plain milk chocolate, plain dark chocolateMost chocolatesProcessed savoury and sweet snacks
HummusRyvitaCrispbreads, crackers, rice cakes and popcorn
Nuts and RaisinsDigestivesCanned soft and sports drinks
Corn chips, oatmeal crackersBlueberry muffinPretzels, water crackers
Other Foods
Meat,poultry, eggs and fishIcecream-
Dairy products--
Fats and oils--

*Amber fruits are not considered low glycemic foods. They have GI values in the mid to high 50s. All provide a valuable source of nutrients (see fruit nutrition facts), so do not let their GI ranking deter you from eating them.

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