Plyometric Workouts to Lose 5 lbs

Plyometric workouts to lose the last 5 pounds with these top 5 exercise plateau breakers

Plyometric Workouts

You eat healthily, you exercise regularly, you’re motivated, but you need to lose that last 5 pounds of your unwanted weight. Interval Training and Plyometric exercises may be the answer.

As part of your running plan if you have not introduced interval training then you need to. Interval training will see you speed up to almost sprinting in short bursts during your run. So, twice a week, introduce short 30 second sprints, approx. 5 times during each run depending on how long each run is. After each sprint, just jog slowly until you recover. After a few weeks once your fitness levels have increased, consider interval training incorporating hills to get to the next level.

Plyometrics is a term used for short static powerful bursts of activity and is another useful addition to your exercise plan. Below we show five different exercise routines to do 3 times with 10 repetitions each. Do these 2-3 times a week. They will really work your muscles, getting your heart rate up and burning extra calories. Unless you already weight train, we recommend you start these exercises without dumbbells. Introduce them as you progress.

Plyometric Workouts

1. Dumbbell swing with one arm

Plyometrics Training Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

Standing, open your legs so they are about a meter apart. With your hand facing down, in your right hand, hold a dumbbell. Keep your back straight, now squat and at the same time, move your right arm down between your legs, keeping it straight. Move your hips forward, straighten your legs, and lift the dumbbell back so your arm is horizontal, again keeping your arm straight. After 10 reps, repeat the exercise with your left arm. Feel the power in your legs as you push up.

2. Skater jumps – so called as if you are speed skating

Stretch your right arm out to the side and your left arm across your hips to the front of your body. Cross your left leg behind your right leg and squat down half way. Now push up switching both your arms and legs.

Plyometric Exercises to Lose 5 lbs

Lose 5 Pounds Fast With top 5 Exercise Plateau Breakers

3. Box jumps

Take a sturdy bench or box and stand in front of it, with your feet apart in line with your hips. Bend your knees, jump onto the box softly, keeping your knees bent. Step down and repeat. Note the use of the arms in the picture helping to power you onto the box.

4. Dumbbell T’s

Holding both dumbbells, take the push up position with both arms outstretched and legs closed. Rotating your body to the right, lift your right arm to the ceiling so it’s fully stretched. Return to the starting position then repeat with your left arm.

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5. Push Ups

Take a dumbbell in each arm and take the position as if you are about to start push ups, but with your legs open in line with your hips, and your arms fully stretched. Lower yourself down, push back up, then with just one arm pull up one dumbbell so it’s level with your chest. Briefly hold, lower and repeat with the other arm.

For more exercises similar to these plyometric workouts that burn fat for fast weight loss, read a worldwide bestseller “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle” by fitness professional Tom Venuto. His expertise will help you to transform your body into a powerful fat burning machine. 

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