The Truth About Abs

The Truth About Abs or The Truth About Six Pack Abs was written by Mike Geary, who is a personal trainer and fitness professional. It is all about how to lose belly fat, how to get a flat stomach and keep it for good. Learn how to select the right foods that burn belly fat, how to increase your metabolism and keep it at a high rate. Mike also reveals the best stomach exercise and the other key ingredients to guaranteed fat loss.

The Truth About Abs, Truth About Six Pack Abs, The Truth About 6 Pack Abs

This program focuses on how to lose stomach fat. So if your goal is to achieve a flat stomach, a great mid-section and abs, then this program could be for you.

The program looks at the 4 keys to a flat stomach:

  1. The right foods to burn body fat.
  2. Don’t fall for ab belts or ab machines – they are not needed.
  3. You do not need hours of cardio.
  4. You do not need fat burning diet pills.

The program does provide effective exercise routines but Mike wants you to embrace the fact that hours and hours of ab exercises are just not needed. As it’s unlikely you will keep them up for many months or many years.

The program provides information on:

  • The best way to lose stomach fat and keep it off forever.
  • Types of foods that burn belly fat.
  • A simple six step process to follow.
  • What you need to do with junk food!
  • What are the 5 fat triggering foods?
  • How to think creatively and differently about your work outs.
  • A nutrition trick to keep your metabolic rate high and to convince your body you are not hungry.
  • Six secret exercises to build a rock hard core.

With this purchase you will get:

  • Truth about Abs.
  • 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss.
  • M Power fast fitness audio series.
  • Dumbbell Bodyweight Fusion Workout.

This program can be purchased for just $39.95 and comes with an 8 week guarantee to get the body you want.

More than 500,000 people have purchased this system and it’s also available in many languages including Spanish, German and French. Click on the flag below to access the program in Spanish, German, French or English.

Spanish Version Of Truth About Six Pack Abs German Version Of Truth About Six Pack Abs French Version Of Truth About Six Pack Abs English Version Of Truth About Six Pack Abs

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

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The Truth About Six Pack Abs
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