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If you are a vegan you need, just like everybody else, to get all the essential amino acids from protein, so your body functions properly. Though vegans do not eat any foods from animal sources including dairy products, eggs and honey, it is not difficult to get enough protein in the vegan diet. Vegan sources of protein together with protein amounts, serving sizes, total fat and calorie content are shown in the protein chart below, to help you to create your balanced healthy vegan diet.

Eating vegan protein with every meal, not only will make you feel full for longer but also will give a metabolic boost to your body as it takes more energy to digest it.

Vegan protein sources include:

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Legumes Protein Chart

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Vegan Protein SourcesProtein (g)Total Fat (g)Energy (kcal/kJ)
Beans cooked boiled, drained, without salt
Beans, kidney, mature seeds, sprouted,100 g4.830.5833 kcal (138 kJ)
Beans, navy, mature seeds, sprouted, 100 g7.070.8178 kcal (326 kJ)
Broadbeans, immature seeds, 100 g4.800.5062 kcal (259 kJ)
Hyacinth-beans, immature seeds, 100 g2.950.2750 kcal (209 kJ)
Lima beans, immature seeds, 100 g6.810.32123 kcal (515 kJ)
Soybeans, green, cooked, 100 g12.356.40141 kcal (590 kJ)
Winged beans, immature seeds, 100 g5.310.6638 kcal (159 kJ)
Beans, adzuki, mature seeds, 100 g7.520.10128 kcal (536 kJ)
Beans, black, mature seeds, 100 g8.860.54132 kcal (552 kJ)
Beans, french, mature seeds, 100 g7.050.76129 kcal (540 kJ)
Beans, great northern, mature seeds, 100 g8.330.45118 kcal (494 kJ)
Beans, kidney, all types, mature seeds, 100 g8.670.50127 kcal (532 kJ)
Beans, navy, mature seeds, 100 g8.70.57142 kcal (594 kJ)
Beans, pink, mature seeds, 100 g9.060.49149 kcal (624 kJ)
Beans, pinto, mature seeds, 100 g9.120.81140 kcal (584 kJ)
Beans, white, mature seeds, 100 g9.730.35139 kcal (581 kJ)
Beans, winged, mature seeds, 100 g10.625.84147 kcal (615 kJ)
Beans, yellow, mature seeds, 100 g9.161.08144 kcal (602 kJ)
Broadbeans (fava beans), mature seeds, 100 g7.600.40110 kcal (459 kJ)
Chickpeas (garbanzo beans, bengal gram), mature seeds, 100 g8.862.59164 kcal (686 kJ)
Hyacinth beans, mature seeds, 100 g8.140.58117 kcal (490 kJ)
Lima beans, large, mature seeds,, 100 g7.80.38115 kcal (482 kJ)
Mung beans, mature seeds, 100 g7.020.38105 kcal (441 kJ)
Soybeans, mature cooked, 100 g16.648.97173 kcal (725 kJ)
Yardlong beans, mature seeds, 100 g8.290.45118 kcal (494 kJ)
Peas, split, mature seeds, 100 g8.340.39118 kcal (494 kJ)
Lentils, mature seeds, 100 g9.029.02116 kcal (487 kJ)

Protein Chart for Nuts and Seeds

Vegan Protein SourcesProtein (g)Total Fat (g)Energy (kcal/kJ)
Almonds, dry roasted, 1 oz (23 whole kernels) or 28.35 g6.214.9169 kcal (708 kJ)
Almond butter, plain, without salt added, 1 tbsp, 16 g2.49.5101 kcal (424 kJ)
Brazilnuts, dried, unblanched, 1 oz (6-8 kernels) or 28.35 g419186 kcal (778 kJ)
Cashew nuts, dry roasted, 1 oz or 28.35 g4.313162 kcal (681 kJ)
Cashew butter, plain, without salt added, 1 tbsp or 16 g2.87.994 kcal (393 kJ)
Hazelnuts or filberts, dry roasted, 1 oz or 28.35 g4.217.7183 kcal (766 kJ)
Macadamia nuts, dry roasted, 1 oz or 28.35 g2.222204 kcal (852 kJ)
Pecans, dry roasted, 1 oz or 28.35 g2.621201 kcal (841 kJ)
Pine nuts, pignolia, dried, 1 oz (167 kernels) or 28.35 g3.819191 kcal (798 kJ)
Pine nuts, pinyon, dried, 1 oz or 28.35 g3.217.3178 kcal (746 kJ)
Pistachio nuts, dry roasted, 1 oz (49 kernels) or 28.35 g6.0513162 kcal (678 kJ)
Walnuts, black, dried, 1 oz or 28.35 g6.817175 kcal (732 kJ)
Walnuts, english, 1 oz or 28.35 g4.318185 kcal (776 kJ)
Peanuts, all types, dry-roasted, 1 oz or 28.35 g6.714165 kcal (694 kJ)
Flaxseed, 1 tbsp, 12 g2.3459 kcal (247 kJ)
Pumpkin and squash seed kernels, dried, 1 oz hulled (142 seeds), 28.35 g6.913153 kcal (642 kJ)
Safflower seed kernels, dried, 1 oz or 28.35 g4.511147 kcal (613 kJ)
Sesame seeds, whole, roasted and toasted, 1 oz or 28.35 g4.813.6160 kcal (670 kJ)
Sunflower seed butter, without salt, 1 tbsp, 16 g3.17.693 kcal (388 kJ)
Poppy seeds, 1 tbsp, 8.8 g1.63.947 kcal (196 kJ)

Protein Chart for Whole Grains

Vegan Protein SourcesProtein (g)Total Fat (g)Energy (kcal/kJ)
Amaranth, 100 g14.456.51374 kcal (1565 kJ)
Barley, pearled, cooked, 100 g2.260.44123 kcal (515 kJ)
Barley whole, 100 g12.482.30354 kcal (1481 kJ)
Buckwheat, 100 g13.253.409.75 kcal (343 kJ)
Bulgur, cooked, 100 g3.080.2483 kcal (347 kJ)
Oats, 100 g16.896.90389 kcal (1628 kJ)
Quinoa, 100 g13.105.80374 kcal (1565 kJ)
Rice, brown, long-grain, cooked,100 g2.580.90111 kcal (464 kJ)
Rice, brown, medium-grain, cooked, 100 g2.320.83112 kcal (469 kJ)
Rye, 100 g14.762.50335 kcal (1402 kJ)
Wild rice, cooked, 100 g3.990.34101 kcal (423 kJ)

Vegetable Protein Chart

Vegan Protein SourcesProtein (g)Total Fat (g)Energy (kcal/kJ)
Vegetables, raw
Avocado, 100 g2.014.7160 kcal (670 kJ)
Beet greens,100 g2.20.1322 kcal (92 kJ)
Broccoli, raw, 100 g2.880.3734 kcal (141 kJ)
Broccoli raab, 100 g3.170.4922 kcal (92 kJ)
Brussels sprouts, 100 g3.390.3043 kcal (179 kJ)
Cabbage, savoy, 100 g20.1027 kcal (113 kJ)
Cress, garden, 100 g2.60.7032 kcal (134 kJ)
Dandelion, greens, 100 g2.70.7045 kcal (188 kJ)
Kale, 100 g3.300.7050 kcal (208 kJ)
Shallots, 100 g2.50.1072 kcal (302 kJ)
Spinach, 100 g2.860.3923 kcal (97 kJ)
Wasabi, root, 100 g4.800.63109 kcal (456 kJ)
Watercress, 100 g2.300.1011 kcal (46 kJ)
Vegetables, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt
Artichokes, cooked, 100 g2.890.3453 kcal (220 kJ)
Asparagus, cooked, 100 g2.400.2222 kcal (94 kJ)
Broccoli, cooked, 100 g2.380.4135 kcal (146 kJ)
Broccoli raab or Broccoli rabe, cooked, 100 g3.830.5233 kcal (136 kJ)
Brassels sprouts, cooked, 100 g2.550.5036 kcal (150 kJ)
Dandelion greens, cooked, 100 g20.6033 kcal (138 kJ)
Sweet corn, cooked, 100 g3.411.5096 kcal (401 kJ)

Other Vegan Protein Sources

Vegan Protein SourcesProtein (g)Total Fat (g)Energy (kcal/kJ)
Tofu, extra firm, prepared with nigari,100 g10.416.2196 kcal (402 kJ)
Tofu, fried, prepared with calcium sulfate, 100 g1720271 kcal (1134 kJ)
Tofu, hard, prepared with nigari, 100 g1310146 kcal (611 kJ)
Tofu, raw, regular, prepared with calcium sulfate, 100 g8.084.7876 kcal (318 kJ)
Tofu, soft, prepared with calcium sulfate and magnesium chloride (nigari), 100 g6.553.6961 kcal (255 kJ)
All Vegetable Protein Patties, frozen, 1 patty, 90 g184.14138 kcal (574 kJ)
Soy milk, fluid, 1 cup, 245 g9.25120 kcal (505 kJ)
WORTHINGTON FOODS, MORNINGSTAR FARMS BETTER'N BURGERS, frozen, 1 patty, 85 g140.591 kcal (381 kJ)
WORTHINGTON FOODS, MORNINGSTAR FARMS Breakfast Patties, 1 patty, 38 g10379 kcal (332 kJ)
WORTHINGTON FOODS, MORNINGSTAR FARMS GARDEN VEGE PATTIES, frozen, 1 patty, 67 g113.7119 kcal (499 kJ)
WORTHINGTON FOODS, MORNINGSTAR FARMS, Spicy Black Bean Burger, 1 patty, 78 g120.8115 kcal (480 kJ)
WORTHINGTON FOODS, NATURAL TOUCH VEGAN BURGERS, frozen, 1 patty, 85 g140.591 kcal (381 kJ)
WORTHINGTON FOODS, NATURAL TOUCH, GARDEN VEGE PATTIES, frozen, 1 patty, 67 g113.7119 kcal (499 kJ)

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