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Vegetable Frittata Recipe

This vegetable frittata recipe makes a great satisfying low carbohydrate breakfast all the family can enjoy. We love breakfast frittatas, they are easy to make and can be adjusted to any taste. You can use your favourite low carb vegetables, cheese and meat to creat the frittata you will love and enjoy for years to come. There are 3g of net carbs in this vegetable frittata recipe.

Recipe Nutritional Profile: Diabetes Apropriate, Healthy Weight, High Protein, Low Calories, Low Carbs, Low GI, Low Sodium, Good Source of Riboflavin, Gluten Free, Vegetarian.

Serves 2

Preparation time: 10 min

Cooking time: 10-15 min

Vegetable Frittata Recipe
Nutrition Facts
Per 1 Serving
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat
% Daily Value*
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Total Carbohydrates
Dietary Fiber
Vitamin A    13% Vitamin C    15%
Calcium    13% Iron    10%
Phosphorus    18% Riboflavin    20%
Potassium    10%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. The information provided here is approximate and does not include: possible substitutions, optional ingredients and ingredients to taste. How did we calculate Recipe Guidelines?



1 tbsp. of olive oil;

½ small leek thinly sliced;

2 small cauliflower florets, torn into smaller florets;

4 sliced white mushrooms;

2 eggs and 2 egg whites lightly beaten with 1 tbsp of water;

2 tsp. dried basil;

½ tsp. fresh rosemary, finely chopped;

2 tbsp. grated parmesan cheese;

30g (1 oz.) unsalted butter;

Salt and pepper to taste.

How to Cook a Frittata

  1. Preheat the grill.
  2. Heat the oil in a medium non stick pan over a medium heat, before adding the leek and cauliflower to the pan. Cook for 5 min until the leek is tender and slightly crisp, then add the mushrooms and cook for a few min till the mushrooms are golden from both sites. Empty all on to a plate and set aside. Clean the frying pan.
  3. In a jug, combine the eggs with the basil and rosemary.
  4. Preheat the frying pan again with the butter over a low heat, pour the egg-herb mixture into the frying pan. When the eggs are set from the bottom in approx. 1 min, add the leek, mushrooms and cauliflower and cover it with a lid and continue cooking for 5-6 min.
  5. Sprinkle parmesan cheese over the top, lightly pressing the cheese with a spatula into the egg mixture.
  6. Take the frying pan from the heat and place it under the preheated grill, continue cooking for another minute till the top is set and golden.
  7. To remove the frittata, use the spatula to loosen the edges, then tip the frying pan to one side and slide the frittata onto the serving plate, cut into wedges.
  8. Add more salt if needed and pepper to taste and serve it on a warm plate.

Author: Lana Soko

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