Calories in Strawberries

How many calories in Strawberries? See below, the Strawberry calories for the different serving sizes. We provide you with the Strawberry nutrition facts and the health benefits of Strawberries to help you to lose weight and eat a healthy diet.

Strawberries are sweet, juicy, delicious berries and it is way too easy to eat lots of them if we are not careful, although the calories in strawberries are very low. A single small Strawberry has just 2 calories and even a big one, has only 9 calories at most.

In a recent study at the Ohio State University, although not yet conclusive, encouraging research has shown that eating a bowl of strawberries a day could slow down, for people at risk, pre cancerous growth on the esophagus, therefore giving added protection against throat cancer.

Below are two calorie tables for both fresh and frozen strawberries. See our fruit calories comparison chart to compare the calories in Strawberries with the other calories in fruit.

Read in more detail about Strawberry nutrition. Also, have a look how nutritious Strawberries are in comparison to the other fruit nutrition facts.

All of our calorie information is provided by the US Department of Agriculture.

Strawberry Calories

Strawberries, raw

Refuse: 6% (Caps and stems)
Scientific Name: Fragaria X ananassa

Serving Size

Calories per Serving

100 grams32 kcal (134 kJ)
1 ounce, (28 g)9 kcal (37.7 kJ)
1 cup, halves (152 g) 48.6 kcal (203 kJ)
1 cup, pureed (232 g)74.2 kcal (311 kJ)
1 cup, sliced (166 g)53.1 kcal (222 kJ)
1 cup, whole (144 g)46.1 kcal (193 kJ)
1 pint as purchased, (357 g)114 kcal (477 kJ)
Calories in a Small Strawberry: 1 small (1" dia) (7 g)2.2 kcal (9.2 kJ)
Calories in a Medium Strawberry: 1 medium (1-1/4" dia) (12 g)3.8 kcal (15.9 kJ)
Calories in a Large Strawberry: 1 large (1-3/8" dia) (18 g)5.8 kcal (24.3 kJ)
Calories in an Extra Large Strawberry: 1 extra large (1-5/8" dia) (27 g)8.6 kcal (36.0 kJ)
1 NLEA Serving (147 g)47 kcal (197 kJ)

Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened

Refuse: 0%

Serving Size

Calories per Serving

100 grams35 kcal (146 kJ)
1 cup, thawed, (221 g)77 kcal (323 kJ)
1 cup, unthawed, (149 g) 52 kcal (218 kJ)
1 berry, (10.6 g)4 kcal (15 kJ)
1 package (20 oz), (567 g)198 kcal (828 kJ)
Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

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