Lose 10 lbs Fast

Below are exercises to boost metabolism to lose 10 lbs fast. Strength training for weight loss

How to increase your metabolism with resistance training exercises to lose 10 pounds of unwanted weight quickly? How to boost metabolism to lose weight naturally? Increase your metabolism through exercise with metabolic resistance training at home.

Lose 10 Pounds Fast, Fat Burning Exercises

Here we introduce resistance training which is all about ‘strength’. If you have time to incorporate plyometrics as well, it will really have a beneficial impact on both your training and weight, but more on that later.

So, you want to lose 10 lbs fast. You will lose more weight from resistance training rather than plyometrics as you’ll be building lean muscle which will burn fat. Also, strength training will increase your resting metabolic rate so you will keep burning calories for up to 16 hours after resistance training workouts.

With your running program, you should have introduced interval training. Now consider extending that to a 10-15 minute hard pace within two runs a week. After 15 minutes of running at a hard pace, it will take about 5 minutes slow jogging to recover back to a normal pace to then finish your run. Below are 5 routines – you should do these 3 times a week, 10 repetitions each without stopping, repeat circuits 3 times with resting time of 1 min between each.

1. Lunge with biceps curl

Strength Training for Weight Loss

Stand holding the dumbbells with your arms at your sides and your feet apart in line with your hips. Now step your left foot forward, bending your knees so your left thigh is parallel to the floor and your right thigh is upright. At the same time, you want to bend your arms upwards twisting the dumbbells so your knuckles are facing outwards. Go back to the starting position then repeat.

2. Overhead press and dumbbell squats

Standing with your feet apart in line with your hips, hold the dumbbells at your shoulders with your elbows bent and knuckles facing out. Slowly squat until your thighs are as parallel to the floor as they can be. Now push back up, and extend your arms until they are straight, but do not lock your elbows. Repeat.

Resistance Training at Home - Increase Your Metabolism Through Exercise

Resistance Training at Home - Increase Your Metabolism Through Exercise

3. Hamstring curl with fitness ball

Again with the fitness ball, lie straight facing upwards with your calves under the ball. Your body needs to be straight not bent, so ensure you have lifted your bottom off the floor. Your arms should be parallel with your body but on the floor. Now pull your feet forward rolling the ball towards you so your feet end up on the ball and your feet are 90 degrees to your knees. Now move your body and ball back to the starting position and repeat.

4. Jack knife with fitness ball

Keeping the fitness ball, lie face down with the ball positioned under your knees and your arms positioned as if you are in a push-up position. Bring your knees forward so they are under your chest, at the same time bringing the ball with you so it’s positioned under your feet. Then straighten your legs, pushing the ball back. Repeat.

How to Boost Your Metabolism With Resistance Training Exercises

Exercises to Boost Metabolism, Exercise to Burn Fat

5. Chest Press with dumbbell on fitness ball

You’ll need a fitness ball now. Lie with your upper back on the ball, dumbbells positioned on your chest and your legs bent 90 degrees at your knees. Lying as still as you can, raise your arms so they are straight, then lower them again. Repeat.

Now you have learnt how to lose 10 lbs fast and want to do more, read about Plyometrics and how to incorporate additional exercises to really boost your power levels.

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